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"There's no harm in dreaming, but do something to make that dream come true."


2 days ago

*Short Story* Our Tree of Promises

My name is Emily. I love taking morning strolls; it's like a hobby of mine. I do it everyday, ever since I was young, and everyday I always pass the same tree. The tree that started my story with that special someone of mine, Max.

The day I met Max, I was strolling around my same path everyday when I saw a boy my age under the old oak tree. I went up to him and waved my hand in front of his face, surprising him.

"Good morning. I'm Emily, are you new here?" I asked.

"Hi. I'm Max, and yes, I am new here. Me and my family just moved here yesterday."

"Is that so? Come on then, I'll show you around. I was just about to walk around the neighborhood, anyway."


At the end of the day, We ended up at the same tree. Since then we became best of friends. We promised that we will always be there for each other.

Several years has passed and we never let each other down. We would meet up everyday in front of the tree and start walking.

I was used to see Max everyday at the tree that I was surprised to not see him there. I started worrying, questioning myself, 'Is he alright? Maybe he's just busy. Yeah, that's it, he's just busy,' I concluded and started walking, thinking about Max.

Then I saw him. He just exited the hospital, a faraway look in his eyes. I ran to him, worry and relief washing over me.

"Max!" I hugged him.

"Emily?!" he exclaimed, wide eyed and surprised.

"I was so worried. I thought something happened."

"Sorry for worrying you, Em." he smiled.

What were you doing in the hospital?" I pulled back.

"Oh that, it was nothing." I could tell he was lying.

As I looked at him, I noticed that he was paler than usual. Then, there were bruises forming on where my arms were.

I let it slide. If it was important, he'll tell me eventually. We walked around, like nothing changed. He was just himself, except that he was easily tired today.

We ended our walk at the tree, saying goodbye. I was about to go when he pulled my arm back to him. I was surprised to feel him kiss my forehead.

"Take care ,Em. Always Be strong."

Days passed and he was getting paler everyday. We don't do our morning walks anymore. I always visit him, taking care of him. He was getting weaker and weaker everyday. He wouldn't tell me his sickness, saying that maybe it was flu.

I visited him again that day. I was about to go when he hugged me. He held me close to him. He was shaking. I thought he was crying yet he was actually smiling.

He said the same words back then," Take care, Em. Always Be strong."

I couldn't understand what he was implying at that time. When tomorrow came, I understood. He was at the hospital, his life was slipping away. I ran to the hospital, asked the nurses and went to his room. When I opened the door, I saw different machines attached to him.

I went beside him and held his free hand.

" Max... Why didn't you tell me you had leukemia?"

" Emily...You're here... How did you know?" His voice was weak. He was so so pale and skinny.

" I heard from the nurses. Oh, Max... You know I could've helped you."

"I didn't want you to see me like this...I didn't want to worry you... But I guess that was foolish of me. Now it's to late for anything to save me... I'm sorry Emily..."

Tears were flowing from his eyes.

"Max... It's okay. I-I forgive y-you..." I, too started crying.

I held his hand in both of mine. So fragile, so cold, so innocent. Such a spirit shouldn't have this fate!

"I promise..." he started, gazing up at me. He smiled, " I promise to be with you always... I'll be with you in the other life..."

" Wouldn't it be nice... To be reborn and be together again... Right, Emily...?"

"Yes... It will be nice..." I smiled at him.

He chuckled and smiled one last time, closing his eyes. "I love you, Emily...."

Till this day, I'm still waiting. Waiting for our promise to be fulfilled. Standing here beside our tree. Our Tree Of Promises.